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Brandon Cunningham

Brandon Cunningham – Consultant [Brandon Cunningham]

Mr. Cunningham has specialized expertise in economic research and quantitative methods. His studies have spanned econometrics, experimental economics and game theory. At Keen Independent, he has performed regression analyses and other statistical analyses of marketplace data.

Mr. Cunningham conducted quantitative research on marketplace conditions for disparity study assignments, including Keen Independent’s Minnesota Joint Disparity Study. He performed similar tasks as part of assignments for the Oregon Department of Transportation and the Montana Department of Transportation. In addition, Brandon analyzed availability and assisted in the development and analysis of DBE goals as part of an availability study for the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Previously, Mr. Cunningham served as a Research Assistant at Resources for the Future, an environmental economic research organization in Washington, D.C. In one of his studies, he analyzed a wide range of impacts of water infrastructure failure such as traffic congestion from water main breaks. He has served in a similar role performing quantitative analyses and statistical modeling for a research institute in Seattle.

For Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission in Montréal, Québec, Mr. Cunningham has conducted economic research and wrote a technical paper on the economics of congestion pricing. He synthesized academic papers and publications in a comprehensive overview for an audience of economists and policymakers.

For the University of Washington, Brandon collected data on nuclear accidents and power plant costs as part of a working paper evaluating impacts of nuclear power.

Brandon Cunningham earned a Master of Arts in Economics from McGill University in Montréal, and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from University of Washington.

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