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Gabriel Evans – Research Assistant

Gabriel Evans – Research Assistant [Gabriel Evans]

Gabriel joined Keen Independent as a Research Assistant after completing his graduate degree in sociology and criminology. Gabriel is a Portland, Oregon native with an interest in reading and writing. His expertise in ethnographic research and sustainability contributes to the strength of the Keen Independent qualitative research team.

Gabriel’s scholarly research has focused on identity/subject formation and how that process is linked to sustainable communities. Gabriel has more specifically studied how race, gender, sexuality and religion affect identity formation.

Mr. Evans has held sought after internships at the Satell Institute, a think tank focusing on business, foundation and non-profit partnerships and Reshoring Institute, a non-profit organization with a mission to build opportunities in American manufacturing.

Gabriel is the recipient of a Harrison Middleton University Fellowship in Ideas for emerging scholars. While at Swarthmore College, Gabriel worked closely with college deans to build an improved and more substantial transferring process for students. He also has a background in theatre.

Gabriel earned his Master’s degree from the University of Arkansas in Sociology and Criminology. He completed a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Sociology at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania.

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