Keen Independent Sustainability Practices

Keen Independent is committed to reducing the firm’s environmental impact. To do so, we regularly review opportunities to make our activities more environmentally friendly. We also commit to supporting social equity and economic vitality. Keen Independent Principals and staff welcome responsibility for compliance with the aims and objectives of this policy. This policy includes the following practices.

Remote work. Keen Independent is committed to providing a flexible work environment and opportunities for remote professionals across the United States, when feasible. This remote work policy is also a key component of our environmental policy. Telecommuting reduces environmental impact by reducing cars on the road and minimizing office energy use and allows flexibility for work/life balance.

Responsible travel. We support responsible travel by encouraging travel alternatives such as video/phone conferencing, when possible; mindful travel (e.g., nonstop flights, public transit and ride-share); and environmentally responsible lodging within a short commute of clients, when required. For many Keen Independent studies, the firm utilizes local subconsultant to invest in neighborhoods and economies nationwide to reduce the need for long-distance travel.

Waste reduction, conservation and environmentally friendly buying. Keen Independent practices reuse of office furniture; responsible heating and cooling; weekly comingled recycling through a licensed vendor; xeriscape landscape principles; transfer of reusable non-recyclables to reuse and donation stations; purchase of ENERGY STAR certified equipment and lightbulbs, recycled paper, green cleaning products, and other recyclable products when available; and movement toward a paperless work environment.

Local commitment. Keen Independent supports the sustainment of livable and viable communities. We actively contribute to local economies through local buying, when possible. We encourage staff to eat at locally-owned restaurants and visit community-based arts/cultural/recreational venues and events, when traveling for Keen Independent. Our Principals often invest in local arts/cultural memberships in the cities where they conduct work. The firm’s two Principals are civically engaged and lead by example. Dave Keen recently co-chaired an economic development commission in Wickenburg, Arizona. He is a trustee of a nonprofit museum board. Annette Humm Keen recently served as president of two nonprofit boards, both serving local communities.