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Communications Services

Communications Services

Keen Independent has consulted with companies providing communications services and products.

Understanding the communications customer. For a major communications company, David Keen helped to answer the following questions to support company strategy and marketing:

  • Why do customers buy what they buy from the company? How do customers make decisions about what to buy?
  • How does the company rate on price, customer service and other important factors as identified by customers? How do competitors rate? What is the typical migration pattern from one product to another?
  • What products are customers not buying from the company and why? What new products and services do customers want? What can the company do to win more business?

Over several years, Mr. Keen collected customer information to answer these questions.

Developing communications services networks through partnerships. For a national communications services company, David Keen developed a comprehensive inventory of potential retail partners serving the business market, screened these partners and recommended sales strategies for markets through the U.S.

Understanding the value of service attributes. For Please Hold Promotions, Inc., a Phoenix-based provider of message-on-hold services, David Keen identified the PHP product attributes that were most important to consumers. The company used these results in developing its on-hold messaging services.

For a major communications company, David Keen conducted market research of used car and real estate markets through personal and telephone interviews to evaluate the potential demand for several new US WEST services in the southern United States, such as electronic yellow pages.  Personal interviews of potential customers were conducted in several market areas, and executive telephone interviews were also used.

Surviving in a highly-competitive industry. David Keen assisted a team researching brand awareness for a major online location services provider. This research focused location-based business solutions in the financial services, insurance, real estate, travel and wireless applications industries. The research team contacted several hundred global firms during this research effort to determine what mapping solutions product they use, what would make them switch products, and their impression of the firm’s enterprise solutions. Mr. Keen helped to develop a growth strategy based on the outcome of this research.

Maintaining relationships with retirees. For a major manufacturer, David Keen explored its retirees’ perceptions of the organization and developed strategies and messages to improve those relationships. He worked with a public relations firm to help execute these strategies.

Other examples. David Keen has also worked with clients related to cable television, wireless communications and internet service.