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Keen Independent has experience evaluating housing markets, trends and related programs.

For many years, David Keen was a leading researcher of single family and rental housing in markets throughout the United States. He projected trends in housing markets in Maine, Virginia, Iowa, Texas, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.

Mr. Keen also examined specific segments of the housing market, especially housing for seniors. For example, he prepared forecasts of the housing needs of seniors, including independent living, congregate care, assisted living and nursing home services for the City of Westminster.

Annette Humm Keen has led studies evaluating potential for “green” housing in the Rocky Mountains, and a study evaluating neighborhood perceptions of high-density senior housing.

Is there a better way to find a home? For a major communications company, David Keen studied the real estate industry in different parts of the country to explore opportunities for new information services. He examined the market for new information tools serving potential homebuyers.

What factors best attract seniors to a 55+ community? An active senior and assisted living community in the Phoenix Metro Area recently engaged Keen Independent to help them evaluate and make recommendations to improve its “tired” and ineffective marketing/sales strategies. Competitive research included using a team of senior “mystery shoppers” to gather relevant data.

Do homebuyers want “green”? When a private investor and development team came to Annette Humm Keen, interested in leaving an environmentally-friendly legacy behind, she knew what questions to ask to turn a legacy into a marketable product. In Carbondale, a bedroom community of Aspen, Colorado, Ms. Humm Keen evaluated potential for a sustainable, net-zero community with single family properties priced to $4,000,000. Leading telephone survey research, key person interviews with industry experts, competitive research and focus groups with potential buyers, Ms. Humm Keen assessed public awareness of and interest in sustainable living, segmented markets, characterized potential buyers, and made recommendations to the architect and development team enhancing the marketability of its design elements, structures and site amenities.

Community response to high-density housing. For a Denver area developer, Annette Humm Keen directed a door-to-door survey team to assess neighborhood response to proposed high-density senior housing. Study results helped the development team present strong evidence of community buy-in to Denver City Council.
Other examples. The above are just some of the examples of Annette Humm Keen’s and David Keen’s experience with the housing industry. Some other examples include:

  • Annette Humm Keen conducted in-depth interviews with home builders in Alaska as part of market research for a home warranty firm.
  • For developers, A/E firms and other building industry professionals in Colorado, Ms. Humm Keen analyzed potential customers and made development recommendations.
  • For a major bank, David Keen examined a rapidly-changing housing market in Arizona, successfully identifying a downturn that allowed the bank to reevaluate its potential lending.
  • David Keen evaluated the impact on a local housing market in the Texas Hill Country from changes in operation of a major reservoir.