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Membership and Associations

Membership and Associations

Keen Independent has consulted with membership organizations and associations for many years. Additionally, Keen Independent leadership has served on many non-profit boards and committees.

Association of Zoos and Aquariums. A recent study led by Annette Humm Keen answered: How members perceive the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and its staff? How can AZA ensure that its members’ voices are heard (including those from smaller zoos and aquariums, and its commercial partners)? How to address needs that may vary among its for-profit, non-profit and public member institutions? What new services would complement existing services including identifying those with revenue-generating potential?

Based on her online survey of association members, former members, business members and other affiliates, and nearly 100 in-depth interviews with zoo and aquarium directors and business partners, Annette Humm Keen made recommendations to improve member/staff and member/member relationships, enhance collective marketing efforts, strengthen lobbying, improve certification procedures, and grow education programs and other revenue-generating initiatives. These recommendations improved AZA’s strategic plan and marketing strategy.

California Retired Teachers Association (CalRTA). CalRTA is a national membership organization serving retired California teachers living across the United States and other parts of the world. Annette Humm Keen and David Keen completed research for CalRTA related to membership recruitment, retention, services, pricing and communications. The project included an online survey with approximately 2,000 current, former and potential members; focus groups with new and potential members; and telephone and in-person in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and current and potential members. The Keens made specific recommendations to CalRTA leadership for retaining current members, sustaining membership growth and reaching new audiences. CalRTA now has more than 50,000 members.

Museum of Science, Boston. Since 2003, Annette Humm Keen and David Keen have helped the Museum of Science in Boston strengthen its membership. Their assistance led to substantial increase in annual revenue as well as cost savings on communications efforts.

“Based on recommendations in [their] report, we implemented a new structure with tiered pricing, better defined criteria, and new benefits … that allowed us to realize approximately $400,000 from upgrades alone … that contributed significantly to the success of our membership program over the following years … [and] grow the revenue more than $1,000,000 in 12 to 18 months.” – Associate Vice President for Visitor Services and Membership, Museum of Science Boston

Water Research Foundation (WRF). WRF is a national membership organization that serves water utilities, public health agencies and other organizations in the water industry. WRF has a diverse membership base with widely varying needs and financial abilities to support Foundation activities. Like other membership organizations, WRF often has strong relationships with a few individuals within a member organization but struggles to develop lasting relationships across the organization.

Mr. Keen completed quantitative and qualitative research for WRF to help it deepen relationships with different types of existing members and recruit new members. Based on research results, he made several recommendations to help the WRF meet the needs of both small and large member organizations and improve how the organization collects and uses member feedback.

Philadelphia Museum of Art. David Keen and Annette Humm Keen worked with the Philadelphia Museum of Art to redesign its membership program and maximize revenues and member numbers. Through analysis of survey data, focus group feedback and potential membership structures, they were able to recommend an optimal mix of membership benefits and pricing. Guided by their research, the Museum’s revised program yielded a 10:1 return on the Museum’s research investment.

Mountain States Employers Council. The Mountain States Employers Council helps member firms with human resources issues. Similar to its sister organizations throughout the country, the Council primarily has large, established businesses as members. The Council asked Mr. Keen to help target small businesses as new members. His analysis of membership market share by size and type of small business identified opportunities for the Council to focus its small business recruitment on particular sectors such as the construction industry.

Downtown Denver Partnership. The Downtown Denver Partnership and its business members are working to keep Downtown Denver as the premier location for businesses, employees and visitors in the Denver area. Mr. Keen worked with Partnership management and board members to better understand issues facing downtown businesses and how the Partnership could help address these needs. His research helped the Partnership strengthen bonds with existing members and understand how to recruit new members.