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Social Marketing

Social Marketing

Working with governments and non-profits nationwide, Keen Independent has created and implemented social marketing campaigns leading to sustained behavioral change.

Promoting health. For a national women’s health entity, Ms. Humm Keen conducted pre- and post-message testing for the launch of a social marketing campaign encouraging consistent use of birth control among hard-to-reach audiences. She pre-tested eight messages with four target audiences and found that clear, direct words and phrases that evoked strong emotions were better received than more ambiguous phrases. Implementation of “Take Control Birth Control” was designed to not only reach the target audience of women, but also key “advisors” to these women including friends and family, health professionals and others. This social marketing campaign developed a new provider model that supported a designated health educator through door-to-door marketing and community-focused outdoor media including billboards and bus boards, website promotions and direct mail. Denver Health has expanded this model to help other targeted patients including those with diabetes.

Connecting community and funders. For The Denver Foundation, David Keen led a number of social marketing research projects including outreach to a wide range of audiences including current and prospective donors, professional advisors, community leaders and foundation staff. As part of these assignments, Mr. Keen directed a “listening campaign” to connect grantors and grantees, assess community funding priorities and develop short- and long-term communications and outreach programming.

Reducing vehicle idling. Ms. Humm Keen led a social marketing campaign for the City of Denver Department of Environmental Health. Through on-site observation and connection of key stakeholders, Ms. Humm Keen conducted research that set the groundwork for a change in how the City prevents excessive idling. One outcome was reduced idling among buses and other vehicles through direct discussions and driver incentives and a change in the City’s idling ordinance.

Increasing water conservation. The Keens led an assignment with the City of Phoenix that developed long-term public education and marketing strategies. Beginning in 2006, the Keens worked side-by-side with the City to plan long-term social marketing strategies from audience research to in-home educational visits to outreach to customer-driven website design and content. The plan tracked customer water use over time showing a consistent drop in water use over three years, resulted in new partnerships with public and private entities, and communications designed to drive visitors to a new website. An updateable homeowner’s manual was designed to parallel and support website content.

To reach diverse target audiences, Santa Clara Valley Water District (the District) engaged the Keens to assess current communications and delivery strategies, and develop short- and long-term marketing plans. District communications were primarily micro-driven (talking programs) that were missing the big picture: no one knew the District. The Keens helped the District develop a plan and delivery strategy to establish the District as an expert (“the place to go for answers”). Through traditional and non-traditional media, mobile street teams and social media engagement, the short-term effort was followed by a five-year marketing plan.

The Keens worked closely with Gillette Utility in Wyoming to develop a graphic identity for water conservation as part of a larger social marketing assignment. Local residents and business owners described Gillette as a tight-knit community with a strong affinity for its local high school sports team. The Keen team developed a visual identity, a “camel,” that drew from the high school mascot. A simple and direct tag line was also developed and tested by Annette Humm Keen: “conserve like a camel.” The new graphic identity was embraced by the community and used as part of many different communications efforts. The campaign helped the Utility achieve a 12 percent reduction in citywide water use in three months.

For Denver Water, Ms. Humm Keen led an in-home social marketing campaign to reduce watering by 15 minutes per day. This campaign was designed a call to action that resulted in immediate behavioral change.