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Venue Management and Entertainment

Venue Management and Entertainment

Keen Independent has the tools and knowledge to help organizations with the many challenges that are faced in venue management, entertainment management, and worship facility management.

COO and Senior Consultant, Alex Keen, has worked in many areas of venue management. He has wide-ranging expertise in risk management, safety and security, event planning, rigging and technical production, and event ticketing. Mr. Keen has supervised a multi-purpose performing arts center with upwards of 250 events per year and has helped plan multi-venue conferences, graduations, and political debates. Mr. Keen has received comprehensive training in venue safety and security and has completed the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) Academy for Venue Safety and Security and Venue Management School. He also serves on multiple IAVM committees. He has taught hundreds of employee training modules focusing on safety and security as well as college courses on entertainment technology. Mr. Keen is an ETCP Certified Rigger – Theatre, NFPA Rope Rescue Technician I/II and has completed SPRAT Level 1 and numerous fall protection, rigging and other safety courses.

Keen Independent’s venue management skillset also includes team members with expertise in architectural planning, emergency response, marketing, and guest outreach.

Evaluating risk. Without a comprehensive risk management evaluation and planning process, no venue can properly identify the multitude of threats that they face. Keen Independent believes in a comprehensive risk management process that includes all stakeholders from the start. We believe in facilitating a conversation about risk with team members and evaluating what threats are most impactful to business operations. We then challenge preconceived notions and carefully identify the broader risk profile. Once risks have been identified, Keen Independent will help the client with mitigation strategies and planning tools.

Safety and Security is our passion. Keen Independent believes that creating a safe and secure environment for on organization’s staff, clients and guests is a vital responsibility of every organization. Keen Independent can help evaluate an organization’s current safety and security position and provide recommendations and training to help.

Rigging and technology. If it lights up, projects video, flies in the air, or reinforces sound we have probably worked with it. Alex Keen’s technical background has given him the opportunity to work in all aspects of entertainment technology. If he cannot answer a question, he knows someone who can. Alex Keen’s extensive knowledge of rigging and credential as an ETCP Certified Rigger – Theatre allows him to come up with safe and creative solutions to any rigging problem.

Need an event planned? Planning an event is not easy! At Keen Independent, we have the hard-earned experience, contacts, discipline and planning tools to take your event from concept to creation and make it extraordinary.

Is our ticketing program successful? Keen Independent has a wide array of tools to help evaluate ticketing strategies and programs and make recommendations for improvements. We are capable of advanced quantitative data analysis and can provide you with ticketing trends that help build future benchmarks for success.

Keen Independent is also skilled at qualitative research. We have helped organizations such as the New York International Auto Show evaluate their economic impact by conducting surveys and in-person discussions onsite during their annual display.

Is this feasible? At Keen Independent, we know how to evaluate markets. We take a careful look at communities and help organizations identify what opportunities exist for new facility construction and renovation of existing facilities of all types. Our feasibility study work has spanned across performing arts centers, museums and new museum exhibits from around the country.