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Water Economics and Conservation

Water Economics and Conservation

Keen Independent has performed research and developed strategy related to water services, power and recycling.

Understanding water users and changing their behaviors. Annette Humm Keen and David Keen worked with the City of Phoenix Water Services Department to explore water use patterns and develop pilot water conservation programs for Phoenix water customers. Through interview initiatives and the integration of multiple data sources, Ms. Humm Keen and Mr. Keen identified dynamic water use patterns across seven distinctive market segments ranging from homes with only indoor water use to homes with extensive turf, landscaping and pools.

Ms. Humm Keen and Mr. Keen worked with Phoenix Water Services to develop and implement a new website and conservation program initiatives, including a pilot program to work with neighborhood nurseries as well as the development of a conservation information resource program. For consumers, Ms. Humm Keen developed an online manual to help Phoenix homeowners save water. She also helped craft the City’s new Water Resources & Conservation website and develop other communications for customer outreach. Ms. Humm Keen and Mr. Keen continue to be on-call for Phoenix Water Services.

An American Water Works Association article related to some of this work can be found here:

AWWA Publication

“Through extensive research, including focus groups, [they] provided well-supported data to create a change in the City of Phoenix’s approach to water resource allocations and water conservation education and public messaging. The effect will be long-term.” – Public Information Specialist, City of Phoenix

Ms. Humm Keen has designed a number of turn-key social marketing campaigns including a campaign for the City of Gillette, Wyoming that led to a 12 percent reduction in water use in three-months. Creative and turn-key marketing strategies and community partnerships were key components of this assignment.

For Santa Clara Valley Water District in Silicon Valley, Annette and David Keen developed short- and long-term marketing plans based on survey data, best practice research, in-depth interviews with industry leaders, consumer focus groups and other related research. The Keens’ plan for new marketing initiatives including a recommended budget increase of $700,000 was approved by the board making the District’s resources, programs and marketing competitive with other water entities of similar size.

David Keen has conducted extensive research with water customers in Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and California. He prepared some of the feasibility analyses that helped start a new water company in the Santa Fe area.

Understanding power users and their perceptions. For New Century Energy, David Keen tested the effectiveness of a set of marketing messages and advertisements. He assisted the client in synthesizing the research and developing new advertising messages as part of a long-term communications strategy.

David Keen has also conducted:

  • Demographic research for United Power, a power cooperative in Colorado;
  • Analysis of wholesale power customers for the Western Area Power Authority;
  • Potential new power facilities for Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority;
  • Purchase of water and power facilities for the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District.

Understanding waste management customers. Ms. Humm Keen helped the City of San José segment its customers to better plan its recycling programs.