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Water Economics and Conservation

Water Economics and Conservation
Keen Independent Research helps water retailers and wholesalers understand the economics of managing and sustaining water supplies as well as forecast demand.
We also assess customer perceptions of water use, test conservation messaging and develop public education campaigns for roll out. Regarding conservation messaging,
we often draw from the principles of community-based social marketing to build awareness among potential participants and initiate calls for action.

Keen Independent staff have decades of experience with water issues throughout
the western states.

How We Do It

Our team relies on strong qualitative and quantitative research methods that include:

  • Demographic analysis
  • Water use modeling
  • Demand forecasting
  • Environmental scanning and competitive analysis
  • GIS mapping and analysis of water use patterns
  • Water conservation programs
  • Primary and secondary customer research
  • Program analysis
  • Message development, testing and evaluation
  • Communications and marketing plans

Selected Project Examples

  • Valley Water Market Research and Message Testing, CA
  • City of Phoenix Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Water Use Study, AZ
  • City of Phoenix Water Services Multifamily Residential Sector Consulting Services, AZ
  • City of Phoenix Water Services Department Equivalent Demand Unit (EDU) Study, AZ

Sectors We Serve

  • Municipal water providers
  • Regional water suppliers
  • Conservation departments
  • Other state and local governments