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New Joint Baton Rouge Certification Program for Disadvantaged Businesses

Keen Independent worked with the City of Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport and BREC (the operator of public parks and recreation facilities) to develop a new joint Baton Rouge certification program for socially and economically disadvantaged businesses.

East Baton Rouge Considers Boost for Small Firms or Those Owned by Women, Minorities, Vets.

City of Alexandria Disparity Study Survey Kicks Off This Week

The City of Alexandria Disparity Study Survey will be available to business owners this week. Alexandria Mayor Jeffery W. Hall is encouraging local Central Louisiana businesses to participate in Keen Independent’s 2020 disparity study. Business owners in and around the City of Alexandria should anticipate a call from Customer Research International (CRI) to collect information for this study. Those who would like to further participate in our disparity study, please visit our City of Alexandria page: Alexandria LA Disparity Study

City of Alexandria Disparity Study Survey Launches:
Mayor of Alexandria Encourages Business Owners to Participate

A Quote from Martin Luther King Jr. That We Will Always Stand By

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
– Martin Luther King, Jr.
Letter from Birmingham City Jail, 1963.

In light of current events and with what our mission is as a company, we would love to share this important quote written by Martin Luther King Jr. from his “Letter From Birmingham City Jail.”